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    Many of people call and ask, “do you groom old dogs?” and my answer is, “of course! I’m happy to do dogs of all ages.” I’m not sure why older dogs would be an issue for a groomer to do, as long as they use the same patience and understanding, love and care that they would ALL dogs, of ALL ages. Each dog that comes in deserves the care that he/she requires to groom them. Some dogs (big or small) have bad hips, arthritis, perhaps surgery which prevents them from standing for too long. No worries! They don’t have to stand long at all. They get breaks between their bath and groom, which is their drying time in a crate. Once they are on the table, they still aren’t required to stand the whole time. I can work around them sitting in between the times I do need them to stand. And even then, I can help them stand up. It’s all something that comes natural to the groom process.

    “But, my dog is shaky…” No need to worry, there are a lot of dogs, of all ages that are a little shaky. Health reasons or even if they are nervous can make them a little shaky. The more at ease they are, the less shaky they get. As long as they are in an environment that is relaxed, it helps them feel more at ease and comfortable with the process of being groomed.

    “How long does my dog have to be here?” I will get your dog in and out as fast as I can. But, I don’t rush the process because I don’t want your dog to feel tense just because I’m trying to get him or her home to you. As soon as your dog is ready, I will call you and you are able to pick up as soon as you would like.

    Any other questions? Don’t be afraid to call (941) 492-4050 or contact us via email. If you want, please stop on by, here is our address again for you:

    1846 Tamiami Trail S.
    Ste. 11
    Venice, FL 34293

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