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All dog prices vary. If your dog is matted, aggressive or is in need of flea/tick shampoo, there will be additional fees added to the normal price. If your dog is above the average size, your price may be higher. Please call or stop by for a quote on prices.


The minimum service provided is a bath appt that includes nails trimmed & ears cleaned.

FLEA/TICK BATHS: $5.00 fee per dog
RE-BATHING (if your dog urinates, defecates, vomits, etc and there is a need for him/her to be re-bathed there is a minimum of a $5.00 fee.

All FULL grooms will include: Bath, nails, pulling ear hair, cleaning ears out and a groom that Jennifer will go over with you to ensure you get the hair cut for your dog that you desire.

Trims are different from a full groom, this means your dog only requires personal areas and around eyes and feet trimmed. This also includes: Bath, nails, pulling ear hair, cleaning ears.

Baths are priced differently as well and do NOT include any trimming, only brushing. This also includes: Bath, nails, pulling ear hair and cleaning ears.

Aggressive Breeds:
This category relates to dogs that are normally aggressive.

***Dogs that are overly aggressive and may cause a danger to him/herself or the groomer will be sent home. If services (ie bath, nails etc) has already been provided and the dog prevents further services from being done, only the services that have already been provided will be charged to you. If your dog does not allow us to do any services, your dog will be sent home at no charge. We cannot be sure if there will or will not be services provided until your dog comes in for a visit. Your dog will be the one to decide how much work we can provide for him/her. Aggressive dogs will incur additional fees.

As mentioned above, matted dogs, aggressive dogs, those needing flea/tick shampoo or above average sizes will have additional fees added on to their normal price.

To receive a quote for your dog, contact us by calling: (941) 492-4050