• Express the what?!?!

    As dog owners, I’m sure most of us have heard the term before. Express the anal glands. Not a topic that most people want to even know about. But, it is one of those things that we all have to be on the look out for. So, I’m going to give you a tip or two about anal glands that might help you and your doggie out.

    Don’t you express the anal glands?
    Yes, if you need your dog’s anal glands to be done while he/she is in for a groom/bath, you just have to request that it be done. For small dogs there is no fee for expressing the anal glands. Larger dogs can be a little more difficult to do and therefore there is an additional charge of $5.

    Don’t you do every dog’s anal glands?
    No, not unless you let us know it needs to be done. And, at that point, I will write in our your doggie’s file and it will be done each time your doggie comes in. Not every dog can have the anal glands expressed because of previous issues with the anal glands. Also, if you dog has not had any problems or needed the anal glands done before, there is no reason to make your dog’s body accustomed to having it done if it not necessary.

    The anal glands help the stool pass. And as long as your dog’s stool is not too soft, then your dog’s anal glands should release each time your dog defecates. If there have been issues with your dog’s anal glands and they can not release on their own, your dog may have build up in the anal glands and perhaps they can even get infected. Any problems with your dog’s anal glands should be directed to your vet for proper care. But, for regular “expressing”, when you bring your dog in for a bath/groom, we will do it.

    If you have noticed a sudden change in your dog’s anal glands (number one sign is scooting their rear), consider how their stool has been. If it is too soft, the anal glands may not be working properly and you need to make sure you alter your dog’s diet to make his/her stool a little more firm.

    If you have any questions you can always contact us and we will be glad to help as best as we can. But, if there is a problem with your dog, remember that you should also contact your local vet.

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