• Ichy Season

    Welcome to one of the itchy times of year for your doggie. So many furry friends have trouble this time of year. It gets warm outside and the pollen gets heavy, grass grows faster and everyone takes their doggies for walks more often. So many outdoor allergies that affect people can affect dogs as well. If your allergies are bad, most likely your dog is having problems too. We often forget that animals can just as easily be affected by the weather and allergens as people are. Unfortunately, your furry friend can’t grab the lotion and moisturize his/her skin like we can. But, there are other solutions you can try vitamins and other remedies (you may want to consult with your vet before attempting any solution). Many of the doggie vitamins available can help your dog keep moisture in their skin to prevent itching or at least keep it under control.

    Many commons causes of itching are environmental allergens, foods (such as beef or chicken), parasites (i.e. fleas or ticks), or even infections (like yeast or other bacteria). If you find you can not find the solution to your doggie itching, I suggest going to your vet and see if he/she can find the problem to help relieve your pet. Some times with problems such as environmental allergens, an extra bath with a prescription shampoo could be the solution. If your doggie has a dog food that contains beef or chicken, you may want to try switching over slowly to a food that contains fish or lamb (each dog varies with what kind of food they can eat).

    Also, it is very important to remember to keep your pet up to date not only on annual vaccinations but on their monthly heart treatments (i.e. Heartguard) and parasite treatments (i.e. Frontline or Advantage). Just remember that consulting with your vet on any changes for you dog is usually a good idea, especially if you dog has any medical conditions (like diabetes or is on any medications, etc.). If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.

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